Lil Uzi from it seems ATTEMPTED to get off xans after Lil Peep’s death but he may still be on one…

Last time Uzi had words for Drama (who he is signed to) he blamed it on the xans, well I wonder what’s the case for it this time. Luv is rage 2 is currently out which we assumed was the root of the issue last time. Looking back on it, it was a smart decision to hold out on dropping it, any lackluster results after the first week are entirely to blame on Uzi for not delivering musically. Anyways it seems there’s still issues, maybe Uzi is being blocked by the higher ups or who knows only time will tell, according to drama there’s other “facts” that come into play here. Read the back and forth down below




A few others decided to chime in


And… he was swiftly ethered


Durk wasn’t with the online beefing tho



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