We’ve actually interviewed Tyrant Xeno on this site before, he’s an up and coming rapper who has already built quite a name for himself amassing an impressive amount of clicks on YouTube and Soundcloud.

This time around I’m here to address a interesting video and song he has just put out called “Ice Breath”. Here he raps some very moody to hard to borderline depressing lyrics on a dark spacey banging beat. Spitting lines like “hella lonely ain’t complaining I’m so numb homie rather be alone” & “frozen rain drops on my corpse” while still finding time to get at “pussy niggas”, just the depressing type banger we needed for the wintertime, he couldn’t if released this at a better time. Not only is the song extremely cold but the music video itself adds to the dark overtones of the track itself. If you’re looking for some vulnerable feeling music that you can also get hype to look no further. Peep the video down below


Follow his socials

Twitter & IG: @xenosxtyrant

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/xenosxstardust


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