Upcoming Chicago Start A Riot With New Track

With pretty much EVERYONE being a rapper in 2017, it becomes harder to come across actual creative artists who aren’t simply regurgitating what every other rapper is, but every now and again you find a gem amongst the cesspool of trash contaminating the soundcloud website. “ANGRY BLACKMEN” is amongst the gems in the rough. Currently they have three tracks out right now, but their latest “RIOT!” definitely lives up to what we’d expect from a duo called “ANGRY BLACKMEN” who make sure to end ALL their tracks with an exclamation mark (!). But on this track you can actually hear the anger, of course starting riots and wars is some angry shit, but just the aggression in their voices accompanied by a booming beat with scary sounding synths definitely would probably earn it a spot in a playlist of song for riots.


The duo consists of Brian Warren & Quentin Branch. Brian sets off the tone at the beginning easily floating over the beat, switching from aggressive tones to nonchalantly riding the beat. Effortlessly picking up where Brian left off, on the second verse Quentin doesn’t waste a bar, starting off attacking and he doesn’t let up for his short verse, which you’d expect from a track with this energy. Definitely a track worth playing before shooting the fade…

You can listen to their other tracks down below, while not as angry, they’re still pretty black and definitely worth a peep in my honest opinion.


Make sure to follow them on their social medias for more content

Instagram: @angryblackmen_

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ANGRYBLACKMEN_

Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-390000617


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