It’s seems for the longest Eminem singles have been to say the least lackluster, and water down pop sounds to appeal to the radio. So when I see a track By Eminem featuring Beyonce I’m immediately skeptical, and I was correct to be. Everything about this record is forgettable, the hook, the beat, the singing, and especially Eminem’s verses, I mean sure it’s a change from all this “mumble rap” but as a LYRICIST Eminem fails to captivate or grab my attention with his lyrics, they’re bland and uninspired, it almost felt as of Eminem himself wasn’t feelings what he was laying down. Not to mention his delivery fell completely short for someone who was known for his flow and delivery in his peak. Of course Eminem with this record isn’t scaring any rappers or reinventing the current mold but it’s guaranteed to probably rack up mad spins and streams, I could only imagine they’d put out this bland record just for the fact it’s Em and Beyonce and “how could this not work?”.

However this records timing is rather perfect, as it coincides perfectly with Rick Rubin’s claims that he’s not a fan of the mumble rap wave, and while this new single isn’t anything impressive I can see a lot of Eminem apologists claiming people are only critical of this record cause “you can understand what he’s saying and he’s not mumbling”. However grading EMINEM on the same scale as Lil Uzi Vert or Playboi Carti, is depressing. Lil Uzi makes music that is less thoughtful and more fun based, no one expects Uzi to do what Em does while no one is expecting Em to do what Uzi is, we’re just asking that Em does what EM does best, just cause at his weakest he’s still rapping better then Lil Uzi doesn’t mean he deserves a pass… And of he truly has a issue with where Hip hop is at right now, who better to put it on blast on a track then Eminem? But instead we get a, at best, mediocre record with Beyonce.


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