Initially I just wanted to continue ignoring this mini thots existence like I been doing but I felt this needed to be addressed. When this little girl came on the scene with one of the most overused and obnoxious memes of 2016 or whatever year that shit was relevant, I didn’t think much of it besides it being another meme the internet will play out by the end of the month. I started to peep that this skinny little wigga started building a brand and gaining clout off of her little disrespectful outbursts. There were talks of her getting a reality show and at some point she had gained over 6 million followers on IG, I remember this because of how disgusted I had felt, what made it worse is knowing at least 4 million of the followers had to be pedos and the rest were little girls who LEGIT looked up to this disrespectful little girl. She had easily gained 1 million subs on YouTube with some unfunny trash videos, she was clearly exploring her brand tryna expand that shit and sadly it was working, she hadn’t no necessary talent (outside of disrespecting her mom) but it’s not like that ever stopped anyone from being successful… It’s like a force kept pushing her when we wanted her to just disappear. Soon it was undeniable that she had expanding her brand to a point where she did what everyone is doing in 2017, which is monetizing off rap. I mean the shit is so easy in 2017, no one has any expectations or standards anymore, and there’s like millions of producers and writers in the industry who can make you sound like whatever generic shit is currently not at the moment, all you really need is some clout and all the pieces are there. Cardi B is the epitome of this, she has her clout from love and hip hop, pretty much remixes a Kodak Black song, and all of a sudden it’s being praised as song of the year… This really set a horrible precedent for what would happen next. Now you have labels looking for social media stars with clout so they can manufacturer a hit and build off it with the attention that this person has already built. This leads to Atlantic signing “Bhad Bhabie” and having her release some of the most generic songs with the most generic lyrics but laced with a corny wigga voice rapping these semi hardcore bars… And sadly it seems the shit is working, I mean only after a day she’s already accumulated 4 million views on her new garbage.

“Trap house, wachu know about it” bitch what YOU know about… I’m not gonna lie seeing this little girl uncomfortably strike these poses while tryna look hard and cool kind of hurt my soul, but not as much as the fact that this video in ONE day got 4 million views… It’s a shame cause actual talented artists who work their asses off couldn’t even get a fraction of this attention. I mean Rapsody just dropped a album called Laila’s Wisdom (I’d recommend you peep it), you can tell she really put thought into the bars, the structure, production, features,  packaging, just the overall art of rapping but this album and her music in general can’t get a tenth of the attention and love this generic manufactured plant who gained fame from being disrespectful gets? I mean it doesn’t surprise me that Gucci Mane was willing to work with Jake Paul, he gets more views then your favorite rapper probably despite the fact he’s blatant trash, everyone can agree he’s horrible and somehow he was able to surpass Kendrick on the charts… I know it was only for a moment but the fact it happened is disgusting.


This is where rap is going, your favorite lame ass youtuber, ig model, MEME, will be fighting for the #1 spot on the charts soon I can assure you that, labels are looking for ANYONE with a following, they already got Blac Chyna in the studio tryna cultivate a hit… If you’re a rapper looking to be big and trying to let your talent propel you, just give it up, what you need to do is act a jackass online and use that to promote your music, it’s the sad truth. The future of rap isn’t about talent it’s about attention SOLELY.


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