So it looks like Pumps label finally gave him a release date, I’m sure it’ll be laced with all kinds of 1:30 to 2 minute long songs where the hook takes up most the record and he’s just spitting the same 2-3 generic lines about whatever nonsense and I have no doubt it’ll be horrible but my question is this, will he ascend to a new level of garbage? Y’all know the rules,  there’s sayains,  then there’s SUPER Sayains. I’m tryna see if my nigga Pump finna forsee the prophecy, and achieve the legendary form that only occurs every 1000 years, leaving his rivals in shambles as they try to catch up. I think if anyone can do it he can, I mean he’s already in the studio with the right people.

This sounds like the premium toilet water you’d expect this duo to create, and they both have a project coming soon so it’s hard to tell where this trash will land but based on what they’ve posted it seems they’re cooking up even more trash so it looks like they’re helping and egging eachother on. I’d say Yachty is Pump’s Vegeta, or maybe it’s the other way around… Whose project will be more trash? Will Lil Pump achieve the legendary trash transformation before Yachty? Will this spark a bitter rivalry? Find out on the next episode of. Trash. Ass. Niggaz.


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