YouTube rap is for sure a thing, I mean in my experience most YouTube rappers are trash and corny and Jake Paul is not the exception, if anything he’s probably the #1 example I’d give to support that theory. If you’re not familiar with his song “it’s everyday bro” which sparked some pretty great memes due to how trash and ridiculous it was, then salute to you. But none of that negative feedback and clowning seem to have stopped Jake from trying to continue his rap career, as he has now recruited Gucci Mane for a new ‘banger”. What Jake Paul lacks in actual talent her for sure makes up in with money, so I’m sure my mans scrapped up 50k or however much a Guwop verse costs. Watch the video down below to see the announcement, skip to the 6:50 mark I’m sure y’all not tryna watch this niggas entire vlog.

Honestly can’t fault the Wooster, money is money, and it seems everyone’s tryna be a rapper, not out of the love for music but because fuck it there’s money in it and everyone’s a rapper anyways thanks to soundcloud so might as well, shit even the cash me ousside future thot is trying her hands, blac chyna trying to jump start her career as well after finessing the Kardashian guy, and when u have money u can buy features like Gucci Mane and some actual decent songwriters and producers to help you actually catch a record, shit I heard that Ricegum actually has a collab with 21 Savage in the vaults, so who knows maybe this track is the next big thing… I mean Cardi B was soooo close to having a number one record off parodying a Kodak Black song… It wouldn’t even surprise me anymore. Yeah I’m calling it, Hip Hop is dead.


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