Well when you think “feminists” couldn’t get more offended and ridiculous this shit happens. The level of asshurt presented in this video over something as trivial as having an appreciation for boobs. And of course you have the white knight (Or black knight in this case?) come in and somehow connect Clay Travis’ joke (a immature joke, but a joke nonetheless) to racism and sexism against Jemele Hill (even though it seemed like Clay Travis was trying to defend her to some extent…) when his comment about liking boobs didn’t really relate to her at all… and feminists wonder why they’re the biggest meme on the internet.

Needless to say this Brooke chick to her asshurt to Twitter

It really seems she was not ok with him saying those offensive OFFENSIVE remarks on HER show so it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing him on CNN anytime soon…

Welp I guess them ratings are more important then her hurt feelings and her “feminist” morals.


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