Safe to day XXX isn’t the brightest. Some would say he’s young, reckless, and a savage but it’s all so apparent to me that xxx is simply dumb. I’m not gonna play the role of a sjw or even pretend I’m all that offended by what he said, but for a person who is accused of some of the most disturbing shit (abusing his girlfriend, holding her captive, and sexually abusing her with a fork) the last thing you’d probably want to do is make a video clip threatening to domestically abuse the naysayers little sisters (seriously what a creep) and as much as I detest the modern wave of feminism I don’t know if now’s the time to piss off the twitter/tumblr feminist especially when they might have legit reason to be in arms considering the serious allegations. At this point even if XXX is proven innocent in court he’s putting himself in a position where regardless of the outcome he’ll never live any of this down. If xxx was smart and would stop being a child for 5 seconds and understand the seriousness of the circumstances he’s in, he’d shut the hell up and let the situation work itself out in court (if he’s truly not guilty). I mean for someone who loves to act fake deep he sure comes off very simple minded. Watch the clip down below.



One thought on “Xxxtentacion Mocks Domestic Abuse & Feminism

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