For at least 5 years now people have been waiting on and praying for a Kendrick and Cole collab, and for at least 5 years I been convinced that it’s never gonna happen and if it did it’d be a huge disappointment and here are my 5 reasons for believing so.

1) They Barely Rap Together: Cole and Kendrick have collabed a few times but if you pay attention they rarely rap together, Cole will toss Kendrick a beats and I believe Kendrick did a hook for cole but through they’re entire career and friendship you’d think they’d collab more, and when they do collab you’d think they’d rap together more, the only time I’ve heard them rap on a track was on Khaleds album with Big K.R.I.T. and I can’t say it was really that crazy of a collab especially considering the rappers involved. Maybe the lack of collabs isn’t out of the fact they haven’t tried but they have and it just wasn’t anything special, which leads to my next point.

2) Unreleased Kendrick & Cole Tracks: If you’re unaware yes there’s J. Cole x Kendricks tracks we haven’t heard yet, and a song in particular that seems like was intended to be released at some point that was recorded at least 6 years ago

So why did this song not get released? Sounds pretty decent, simple catchy hook, nice sample, nice bars, and they seemed rather proud of the song in the video, so what stopped this from coming out? Well this song sounds like it was recorded for Cole, I mean it sounds like your typical Cole song in 2010, so I’d assume it was recorded for a Cole project and it was up to him to put it out, but if you listen Kendrick EASILY has the better verse on this record, I mean you can tell by not only the crowds reaction to this song but COLE’S reaction himself that Kendrick dominated this song. Based on Coles reaction he clearly felt Kendrick snapped and if you were a rapper would you be so quick to put out a record with another rapper clearly bodying you? Which leads to my next point.

3) Cole Just Isn’t As Skilled As Kendrick: I know some die hard Coleminers or dreamvillers (whatever his fan base is called) don’t wanna hear this but Cole bar 4 bar (and musically) is inferior to Kendrick in a obvious way. Now I could be completely wrong about why that unreleased track never dropped, maybe it was some behind the scenes type shit, but u can’t convince me that Cole was excited about a track he was overshadowed on being released, and sadly that’d probably be the outcome of this album, a album where Cole is overwhelmingly overshadowed, unless Kendrick would dial back his skill and presence to create a more balanced project, which leads to my next line of reasoning as to why this won’t come out.

4) Kendrick Lamar: Ok in rap there’s 4 types of rappers,

1: singles rappers (Lil Yachty, Trinidad James, I don’t know too many singles rappers off top tbh because most don’t last too long and are forgettable) who have like a poppin song or 2 but disappear eventually because they’re not talented enough to even put together a average body of work

2: rappers who make forgettable to “ok this is aight” albums (big sean ams J. Cole) 

3: rappers who make pretty decent bodies of work albums (drake)

4: album centric rappers who create phenomenal to classic level albums consistently (Kanye, Outkast, RTJ, Kendrick, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, etc.)

Needless to say Kendrick’s standard for projects are a little ahead of Cole’s by my estimation, and for those thinking I’m bugging I dare you to compare Cole’s best work to Kendrick’s worse and tell me with a straight face Cole’s is superior. Assuming they actually do have some type of chemistry (which on some level I’d have to imagine they do, even if it’s not that strong) nothing guarantees this chemistry would allow them to create a level of music that Kendrick wouldn’t be able to achieve at a even greater success on his own or with anyone in his own actual crew.

5) They Have Their Cliques: Despite how highly anticipated a Cole and Kendrick Album might be I think I can say that a Black Hippy group album is just as in demand, and why go out of your way to collab with another nigga who’ve you declared as your rival? I’m sure there’s a friendly competition within Black Hippy which we’d like to see play out on a album, let’s be honest the best in black hippy debate is more divisive then the Kendrick Vs. Cole debate. Also not to mention Cole himself has a label his building up to look quite nice after signing J.I.D & rap duo Earthgang, you’d think both rappers would rather focus on in-house albums rather then going outside the house.


Not saying that I couldn’t be completely wrong and they surprise us with a album, and it actually live up to the hype, I just don’t see it.


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