While Xxxtentacion was fastly growing buzz, the allegations of him being abusive to his pregnant girlfriend continued to follow him and left casual rap fans with a bitter taste on their mouth regarding him and his newly found notoriety. Well with new testimonials from the victim and witnesses it seems more or less xxxtentacion might be the piece of shit we thought he was.

But as always Twitter was up in arms about this (as they should be) but let them tell it the reason xxx was able to get away with this and still have a career is because people don’t care about women being abused, and I have to say… I disagree.

I disagree for several reasons, first we have to go back to when we first heard these allegations. When we first heard these allegations a lot were disgusted (including me) but eventually overlooked it when it became apparent he might be innocent. So without much evidence to support whether he was a complete scumbag or not he was able to flourish in peace. I mean, as much as I don’t like xxxtentacion you can’t condemn him for such a serious accusation with no real grounds.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that we have some type of grounds to believe Xxx actually is a scumbag how should this be handled? Should he lose his career? And if he doesn’t does that prove how sexist hip hop is? Well I believe if he truly does continue to prosper in rap after this then it’s fair to say the culture doesn’t really care about females getting abused violently, but would that make Hip Hop sexist? Not really. I mean one could argue if she wasn’t a female no one would even bother to be offended. Look at it like this, hip hop is a genre where SOME glorify a not even decent rapper for being a murderer (what’s up Tay-k), personally I think xxx’s music is terrible and generic at best but you really think that THIS is gonna stop someone who really likes his music from supporting it? NO ONE talks about the fact Taylor Bennett (Chance the Rappers brother) gave a guy brain damage for stepping on his J’s (not lying, do your googles). To say something is sexist implies inequality, and I can 100% say hip hop and people care more about violence towards women then towards men. If xxx had did this to a male we wouldn’t even bat a eye.

What Should Happen To His Career?

A lot are calling for the cancellation of xxxtentacion and his career, but should he lose his career over this? Well that’s a complicated answer, because the power lies within his fans whether or not his music is worth overlooking something so disgusting or not. As someone who has never supported xxx as a person or musically I don’t have the ability to hurt his career and I can’t force his fans to have the same moral standings as I do, if I could then his career would’ve been over a loooooong time ago.


To say this is sexism is a reach and almost a contradiction, xxx himself may not have any respect for women but to say his fans and the genre don’t for allowing him to flourish is incorrect, honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if most his fans are far too young to even understand the ramifications of his actions, while it seems some already do

In a sense this isn’t equality, but not for the reasons some think but because we pay more attention to abuse regarding one gender then the other. I suppose rapping about shooting and stabbing people (and even harming himself) is all glamorous until he actually does it, and to a woman.


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