Well well well looks like Vic Mensa ain’t the only nigga tryna catch the YouTube nigga slipping, it seems Meek is done beefing with his peers over posting his album and is now taking aim at the bloggers for not posting his album. But most might not realize, Akademiks and Meek BEEN had beef.

Akademik’s Twitch Rant On Meek Mill

If you’re unaware, apparently according to Akademiks Meek Mill and the Dreamchasers “Virtually” Jumped him (lmao) over some posts they didn’t exactly care for, which prompted Akademiks to go on a rant exposing Meek, Omelly, the chaser, Nicki Minaj, Lil Uzi Vert, everyone who has every secretly hit him up. Watch that shit down below.


Omelly Threatens Akademiks

After that powerful POWERFUL Henny induced rant conducted in the deepest pit of his mamas basement blasting Meek stans and Meek himself as you can guess the CHASER was ready to chase this nigga the second he came out his house.  Omelly while wearing what looks like the same mask Kodak Black wore on the Breakfast Club expressed his desire to slap Akademiks, which of course Akademiks responded to from the safety of his basement down below


Meek Threatens Akademiks

Now to the current beef, after Meek and his goons cyber jumped Ak (lmaooo) over some posts Ak resolved to not post about Meek anymore if he couldn’t post everything he wanted, which sounds fair enough but that decision has created this dangerous energy from Meek Mill, while making his rounds promoting his album “Wins & Loses” he stopped by a radio station where he discussed many of things including his beef with bloggers, bringing up how he isn’t happy about them not posting his album, specifically Akademiks,  and he threateningly assures us that it will be a topic of discussion when and if he runs into Akademiks. You can watch below for yourself at the the 4:10 mark.

Welp I can assume Meek won’t be guesting on Everyday Struggle anytime soon.


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