There’s always been people trying to call Chance out for donating money that isn’t his, portraying himself as a independent artist while making deals with Major companies like apple, pretty much alluding to Chance being a fraud. The latest individuals to criticize him were producers collective “Justice L.E.A.G.U.E” who called Chance out for not paying them for their beats and supporting a website that doesn’t fully compensate artists properly.

Now if you’re an objective thinker you’re probably considering the possibility that Chance might not be exactly who he portrays himself to be… If you’re a Chance fan though you probably believe everything he tells you and just think everyone is tryna find a way to tarnish the name of a good man… But it’s not just Chance whose had issues with producers. His not as famous brother “Taylor Bennett” on a lower scale has also had issues with a producer he’s worked with. Definitely not on the same level of a Justice L.E.A.G.U.E but it’s alarming nonetheless. I came across this while scrolling through the comment section of an akademiks video (I don’t recommend that shit) on the Chance Vs. Justice L.E.A.G.U.E situation and I spot this


Not knowing WHO this nigga was I clicked on his page understanding there could be some truth here since a lot of rapper especially the not so well known Rapper/artists like to search for beats on YouTube, and I come across this immediately after clicking on his page


The two have clearly worked together and it seems there was some sort of disagreement involving the financial compensation where Taylor Bennett felt the YouTube producer didn’t have any room to complain… For a rapper who supports independent artists his brother sure doesn’t seem to give too much a shit about the little man at all. Are producers being mistreated in Hip Hop?


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