Ok aside from this nigga making the most trash music, usually repeating the same words with a generic flow and beat, he also discourages “lyricism” having wrote a diss to rapper “J. Cole” that hasn’t dropped, at least I think it hasn’t I wouldn’t know cause I don’t anticipate this niggas music in the slightest… But the nigga promotes drugs like xanax, purposely acts ignorant, and shit on any thing perceived as intelligents cause he knows there’s a community of dumb kids who’ll eat this shit up. You even have a video online of him blatantly PRETENDING to act retarded

I mean a rapper dumbing shit down to appeal to a more broad demographic is nothing new, but the level these new rap artists have to dumb down to, to appeal to these little niggas is alarming, at some point we gotta stop enabling these niggas to be trash and act stupid when we should be promoting them to be their best because THIS will only result in a generation of kids who feel that being smart is lame and acting retarded is cool and that they have to dye their hair all kinds of goofy colors and make a clown out of themselves. In an attempt to promote the narrative of allowing kids to express themselves however they want and being unique, in a way we are kind of still hurting the expressions of those who are the opposite of this, I mean what about the kids who appreciate lyricism who are made to feel old and dusty because what they like isn’t what’s popping at the moment? And if y’all still aren’t convinced his trash music and persona isn’t premeditated look at this.

What grade u think he in here

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Now is he spitting the the most dope bars? Nah, but as you can see he doesn’t sound like a retard who just learned English, as you can see he enunciates his words a lot better, and doesn’t put on that terrible fake accent, but in this video you don’t him with those pink dreads, and nails, or acting ignorant. It’s sad that kids feel the need to indulge in such antics just to make it in the game, we should promote people who actually have talent and are themselves instead of this dumbed down SoundCloud created atmosphere that everyone knows is garbage but we can’t say so because we don’t wanna hurt the feelings of these simple minded little kids.


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