Tyler is one of those individuals you dont really take serious.. So when he says something outta the ordinary you don’t really bat a eye but could he have been tryna send us a message for minute that we’re just now picking up on?

This tweet was written in 2015, back then people probably thought he was trolling and being a dick head as usual but maybe the nigga really was tryna come out as a ball gargler?

On his new album that JUST dropped/ leaked on a song called “garden shed” he says

“That is what I was hiding
That is what love I was I in
Ain’t no reason to pretend
Garden shed, garden shed, garden shed
Garden shed for the garcons
Them feelings I was guarding
Heavy on my mind
All my friends lost
They couldn’t read the signs
I didn’t wanna talk and tell em’ my location
And I didn’t wanna walk
Truth is, since you kid, I thought it was a phase
Thought it would be like the first poof, gone
But, it’s still going on”

He also says on “I ain’t got time” that he’s been kissing white boys since 2004 but again the nigga been known to do and say weird shit for attention, but 2004? Idk that’s a rather specific year, might be some truth to this shit..

Interpret it how you want.. Hard to tell with Nigga anyways so who knows.


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