Tip Harris, raps most nosey pseudo Intellectual known for using unnecessarily big words and sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. I can’t fault T.I for acting the way he does online though cause we live in a climate where you’re not held accountable for your actions but for what you say, so when T.I called out Lil Wayne for being dismissive of the “Black Lives Matter” movement he earned a lot of points with Black Twitter, even though in tips WHOLE career his #1 accomplishment (in his eyes) was “creating” trap music (lol) which if you don’t know trap is a form of hip hop that content wise mostly focuses on the distribution of illegal drugs. Drugs such as crack and cocaine have had SUCH a negative affect on poor black neighborhoods to the point that black conspiracy theorist think the government planted these drugs with the black community to keep us in unstable conditions, so why do we applaud a man who claims to have invented a genre in rap that glorifies the thing most damaging to black communities? Because he defended a nonexistent movement that presence is only felt online? That’s social media in 2017 as long as you go along with the narrative they’re promoting you’re damn near Malcolm X level, no matter if you actions on reality don’t match the ideas you claim to support.

But despite having his own dysfunction regarding his family and personal life, none of that stops him from commenting on other peoples situation and telling them how they should conduct themselves. Now if you’re a regular grown ass nigga with bills to pay and other issues to worry about then you probably could give 2 fucks about this Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna gossip/nonsense, and you’d THINK Tip, who is in the middle of a possible divorce with Tiny over issues regarding infidelity and all kinds of crazy alleged nonsense, you’d think he’d stay quiet, I mean this man is being accused of buying pussy which in my book almost makes him as big a simp as Rob’s fat ass but that’s neither here nor there, with all this going on you’d think he’d have enough self awareness to not comment on such a unimportant petty situation but nope, the same man who kept telling the media to mind their business is on IG telling Rob that he shouldn’t put all his and Chyna’s business out there like that on IG… Even though Tip puts all his family business out on national TV, they even REINACT scenes for their show…  This man is easily the biggest hypocrite of the decade and his nosey know it all ways lead Robert’s fat ass into exposing detail of him possibly paying Chyna to have a threesome with him and Tiny? I don’t know but Tips been pretty quiet since Rob dropped that little gem and again Tip is known to pay for it…

My point though is if we’re gonna praise these “outspoken” artists we should also hold them accountable, the idea of black lives mattering sounds good but what about Tip Harris as a person and artist embodies that idea? What about any of you social media niggas embodies that idea outside of putting the hash tag in your bios and attacking anyone who disagree with it? And if you really believe airing personal shit publically isn’t cool Tip then why’d you go through with this last season of your reality show? It’s time we hold people accountable for the shit they say, I’m tired of idiots spouting off ideas and expecting everyone to live by them when they can’t themselves.


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