You can warn a simp as many times as you want but sometimes you just gotta let a nigga learn for himself. Robert is your typical example of a lame ass insecure nigga with no game who probably got zero hoes growing up and was raised for most of his life with no father, but as time has gone by he’s accumulated a substantial amount of clout and money, taking into account that he’s a definition of a simp all of this makes him a easy lick for gold digging whores whose best talents are fucking and sucking. I mean any nigga could’ve seen this coming a bitch who has a child by Tyga more than likely has very little honor but lame niggas like Robert have very little confidence and aren’t use to dealing with women to the point that they fall in love with any bitch that show them any little bit of attention.


Now this nigga on IG talking about how he dropped so many racks on this and she has the NERVE to do me like this… NIGGA! When y’all fools gonna come to the realization that hoes have no morals, you shocked at a gold digger for digging? She played you? Word?! Not Chyna! Can’t be! If y’all gonna wife these whores can y’all at least not act surprised when they do some whorish shit? Honestly if y’all gonna indulge in smashing hoes at least treat them hoes stop tryna treat these hoes like respectable women, stop letting these new hoes disguising them self as “feminist” convince y’all that being a slut isn’t something shameful. Y’all simps with it and don’t mind it until they do you wrong and then you on twitter or IG making a fool of yourself like Robert.


Y’all can keep caping for women and worshipping pussy and calling any nigga who wouldn’t fuck these no moral having hoes gay but it’s that mentality that puts you in situations like this where you have a child by some stripper and she’s sending you videos of herself getting ran through by miggas in a house you’re paying for and creates a world where bitches can build fame off being little itty bitty Wh-H-h-hors..

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If I was Rob I’d be too embarrassed to even put this shit out, but then again I have some type of shame.


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