Young Thug hate it or love it is probably one of the more iconic rappers of this new era of rap, and it’s hard to find a artist more polarizing. I remember when he first came out with Danny Glover and had Stoner out, I had never felt so conflicted by a artist, I was dead ass having an internal crisis trying to come to a consensus on Young Thug, part of me loved him, part of me questioned what in the fuck my ears were hearing and if it was ok for me to even like this, but that nonconforming nature lead him to he the figure in hip hop he is currently, and I say all this because I feel this is a career defining moment just as Jeffery was.

1) Family Don’t Matter: This is perfect because it embodies everything a Young Thug fan probably loves about Young Thug, the creativity, the unpredictability, the wildness, the funny lyrical content. A lot of people agree that Young Thug sonically is phenomenal but his lyrics leave much to he desired, but I disagree I feel his over the top lyrics are part of why we love him from the “yeehaw” ad lib to the casual lines about sticking his dick in a girls panties. Also the singing at the ending is beautiful. Easily one of my favorite tracks.

Tomorrow Til Infinity: This a beautiful song IDC IDC IDC bring up as many goofy lines as you want this shit is beautiful, I mean idk about him rapping about eating a girls ice cream, I mean I’m still tryna get over him saying how he’s tryna eat bitches pizza with every topping, and eat their banana pudding as well, but that’s besides the point, this track is up there with family dont matter and the way he goes about this song is. Fucking. CREATIVE. Thats the keyword for this album “CREATIVE”. There’s also a version featuring YSL member Gunna, can’t go wrong with either though.

She Wanna Party: Remember when niggas use to say young thug sounded like a cat being dropped in water? Or a seal being tortured? Or a injured dog? Y’all get the point. Well it’s crazy to hear how infectious his voice songs on here, this track is just catchy and fun. Truth be told I hate to be THAT guy but fuck it, Thug’s doing what Lil Yachty thought he was doing, making fun, catchy, energetic music that just makes you happy. Shout out to the Millie Go Lightly chick on the background vocals too.

Daddy’s Birthday: I believe this was one previewed cause I remember hearing a snippet and being extra hyped for this record and I wasn’t disappointed. This right here is a low key banger, it has a nice bump to it but it’s also very chill. I find Young Thug’s singing on here very pleasant, he doesn’t go out of his way to do some extra shit which either makes the record an incredible hit or a obvious miss. I also find it funny that he’s getting a Draco for his father’s birthday, I’m not sure why though.

Do U Love Me: This shit was crazy in a few ways, but first I know alotta people hate this american pop/dancehall wave that this song apparently falls under, I dont even know tbh but I don’t really Care about that shit this shit catchy and the way he demands to be sucked and fucked on the hook for this record that COULD’VE been a radio hit is hilarious and sounds about right for young thug.

Relationship: future and young thug’s chemistry never fails, they smoothly go back and forth almost effortlessly, probably because they’re styles are similar in some ways, to me these 2 are pretty much the fathers to a lot of the styles these new “mumble” rappers love to emulate. This track is definitely a standout, you’d expect a thug x future collab to either be ignorant as shit or very melodic or maybe just both, I’ve yet to hear a disappointing collab from the 2.

You Said: low key there was a part of this song where Young Thug sounds like he’s on his R. Kelly shit to be honest, this sounds like one them songs that in 20 years from now this gonna be the song thug sings while humping on the next generations aunties. I ain’t gonna lie I he getting into arguments between whether or not this or tomorrow til infinity are the best tracks on the album, while this is a close second I’m gonna have to still go with tomorrow til infinity.

On Fire: Gonna sound like a broken record but this shit defines what I mean by young thug being creative, like who else could you picture rapping on this beat? It takes a certain level of creative freedom to tackle something like this in the manner he does and for it to sort of work, I actually think this song is VERY dope.

Get High: This song is chill, it gets the job done, and of course on a song about getting high you HAVE to have snoop on here, I’m just glad wiz didnt come through with some lackluster verse cause you know it probably wasn’t far from happening, but everyone does their thing on here even snoop comes through with a decent verse, but Lil Durk who I’ve never been the biggest fan of in my opinion really showed out on this track, so far I haven’t deleted any tracks off this album!

Feel it: at first I wasn’t really feeling this shit (get it?? Ok nevermind) I mean I’m not really a fan of when young thug raps on these types of beats, I can’t really even describe what I mean by “these type of beats” because really young thug only does this type of shit, but tbh I’ve grown to appreciate this song, definitely not my favorite but I might would not skip I don’t know. I actually like the little background vocals they’re kind of cool, his singing on this is actually what kind of makes me like I don’t know.

Me or Us: I know a lot of people like this song, and a lot of people like it ironically (like how some of young thugs fans like him ironically) but if I’m skipping a track it’d be this, I guess it’s cool but I guess imma have to be that lame nigga and say I’d rather listen to the OG song it samples to be honest. Sorry.

Oh Yeah: remember when lil yachty said he could make a song just saying “yeah” and get shit lit? Well I doubt he could, but you know who could tho? Young thugger! Not saying that’s what he does here but I’m just saying if he said “oh yeah yeah yeah” the entire song I’d probably still keep it.

For y’all: “pussy never not wet” man salute young thug for always making sure these whores hormones are working properly, like he says he does this for y’all, I dare y’all try and tell me he ain’t for not only the culture but for humanity. To me this is one of the most underrated cuts off the albums I mean he BODIED this shit, I love this shit honestly. I appreciate the fact that Jacquees is just in the background and didn’t get a verse, thug did this shit right.

Take Kare: Remember when drake had an album called take care and ended it by saying “take care”? Well this ain’t that I dont even know why I brought that up but this is a decent ending, I dont really care for the beat but the track itself is alright, I might would cut the album short at for y’all tho, depends how I feel.

No this ain’t like any other young thug project, in my opinion it’s even more different then Jeffery, it just doesn’t have that same feel, while he’s still the same ignorant thug saying whatever crazy shit unapologetically I have a feeling of more thought went into the composition of this material rather then him simply getting into the booth and rapping whatever, not saying he took more time with the lyrics bit definitely more time in putting together how he wanted it to sound. To me this is a monumental moment in young thug’s career, you can hear the growth as an artist while he still maintains the core aspects we love most from him, the sells may never reflect it but thug is growing and so is his fandom along with him and he’ll only continue to grow.

Favorite Tracks: Family Dont Matter, Tomorrow Til Infinity, You Said, For Y’all

Least Favorite: Me Or Us



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