Gotdamn the migos was busy at the BET Awards, tryna run the fade with Budden AND Breezy, now to be fair, there’s like 3 of them niggas so they still got the edge here, you know Akademiks and Nadeska ain’t finna help budden and if they did I’d still give the edge to budden, but there’s footage circulating that seems to depict a confrontation between Chris Brown and Migos. Quavo the head honcho of Migos is allegedly dating Browns Ex Karrueche (hope I spelled her name right dont feel like googling the shits) so maybe if there was a disagreement this was the root of it. A lot of wild shit going on. It’s not like Breezy is new to beefing over hoes either, his beef with Drake was pretty much confirmed to have centered around Rihanna, and Breezy done virtually pulled up on a few niggas over Karrueche (really hope I’m spelling her name right)


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