Well gotdamn. Vic Mensa catches LACKademiks lacking on the newest episode of “Everyday Struggle” and in this struggle exchange Vic expressed his issues with Akademiks popular YouTube Channel “War In Chiraq” where he covers news (mostly violent news) in Chicago between rappers. Vic Mensa wasn’t feeling him kind of making light of the violence in Chicago, in particularly Vic was offended by a video Akademiks made 2 years ago about a rapper called “Tray 57” who had died

Who knows… Maybe Vic does have a point… Maybe Akademiks has no right to speak on the happenings of Chicago, however… I can’t help but laugh when I see Vic Mensa threaten Akademiks, out of all the Chicago niggas Akademiks lucked up to be honest he should’ve called Mensa’s bluff and asked for the fade instead letting THIS nigga

download (14).jpg

Call him a bitch and hoe him publicly. I mean I ain’t the nigga to be tryna square up but I’d be DAMNED if a nigga like THAT would talk to me in that fashion I’d rather defend my honor and possibly take a ass whooping before I let that happen Chicago nigga or not.

Watch the exchange below it starts around the 12:57 mark.





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