It seems each year the XXL Freshman list gets worse every year, however this year the list is a special kind of trash, and it seems they’re very much disconnected from what the culture wants to see. I mean Ugly God?? Is this list a joke? Much love to Ugly God I have nothing against him but does HE even consider himself a rapper? Definitely not a good one at least. I mean imagine being a artist who takes your craft serious being placed on a list with this nigga! But there enlies another issue, most these niggas don’t take their craft serious.I’m not gonna argue against A Boogie, PNB, or Kamaiyah even if I’m not a fan I’m more than sure they’ve earned their spots. But then you have niggas like amine who has like ONE recognizable record, I mean most niggas probably don’t even know this nigga whatsoever. Kap G?? Really?? Kyle?? Nigga does one record that’s kinda popular and now he’s a freshman contender? Whatever happened to caring about catalog rather than one popping record? This is why rappers just come and go. Then you have XXXTENTACION whose appearance can only be justified by the fact he has a rather decent cult following, and Playboi Carti suffers from the same symptom of most rappers in this generation which is having ONE hot record and basing your buzz around that whole record. Beyond having a hot record and some slight buzz why not try & find a group of new rappers who can actually… RAP?! I mean I know niggas don’t care about bars anymore but gotdamm, no Don Q? No Tee Grizzly? And if y’all gonna have niggas like kap g why can’t y’all risk it and try and find some not so well known artist who are actually nice?? I mean why does a freshman candidate have to have a buzzing record anyway? When there’s alotta new rappers with decent bodies of work? This list could be a good platform for some not so popular artists who actually take pride in their work and won’t be forgotten by the next freshman list.


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