A homie had put me onto Kweku Collins back when he dropped a EP called “Say It Here, While It’s Safe” & I thought it was interesting but what really caught my attention was his next project “Nat Love” which became one of my favorite projects of 2016 and really familiarized me with Kweku Collins, his style of rapping, how he’ll melodize while using the triplets flow while still maintaining his poetic style. The project had displayed a level of beauty that was refreshing and contains the song “Stupid Roses” which along with the video has been a great source of happiness for me.

In 2017 Kweku is still delivering quality releasing his 3rd project “Grey”. Not only is Kweku a exceptional rapper but his focus on songwriting and composition makes him one of my favorite new artists and sets his potentials far beyond his contemporaries. I mean I don’t necessarily feel the need to put down other artists to lift up another, matter of fact I usually hate when people do that, so I won’t, however a lane for beautiful music that touches the soul is definitely need of filling in the rap genre. Let’s face it Rap needs individuals like Kweku, not for his thoughtful poetic lyrics, some of the most beautiful lyrics are simple, we need him simply for creativity, something the game is missing, something we’ve neglected while “Vibing” to whatever any half ass artist puts out and being apologists. Whether you make turn up music, “conscious” music or hardcore lyrical rap music without creativity you’ll just be a tear drop in a sea of SoundCloud rappers.


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