On May 25th 2017 Lil Boat Released his first album Teenage Emotions After much hype on the album. This is following Lil Boats most successful singles One Night and Minnesota. Let’s get to the review.

1. Like A Star: We start off with an alright song actually this is one of Lil Boats better songs. The beat is nice and the lyrics aren’t great but they are uplifting 8/10

2. DN Freestyle: This song in my opinion had some awful lyrics and I found the beat quite annoying so far 1 good song one awful 3/10

3. Peek A Boo: (Ft. Migos) Ok The Chorus got on my nerves very easily as well as Lil Boats verse. It doesn’t feel like a Migos type beat either I mean they did alright 5/10

4.Dirty Mouth: The Beat was really nice on this track. The lyrics were average honestly not to bad 7/10

5. Harley: The Chorus was the main problem for me in this song. It was super repetitive. Like I get the song is called Harley. 6/10

6. All Around Me: (Ft. YG and Kamaiyah) I actually enjoyed YG’s verse  on this track and Boat and Kamaiyah didn’t do to bad either 7/10

7. Say My Name: I enjoyed the beat I did not enjoy the chorus actually hated it. It was to repetitive to me and the lyrics and flow were eh 5/10

8. All You Had To Say: TBH This track was average wasn’t awful wasn’t great. I enjoyed the chorus and the beat tbh so far one of the better tracks 7/10

9. Better (Ft. Stefflon Don): I actually really enjoyed this track. This is probably my favorite Lil Boat Track so far. I mean the beat was chill and relaxing he was on tune and I mean no complaints 10/10

10. Forever Young (Ft. Diplo): This is one of the better tracks as well. Really enjoyed the chill beat and the vibes of the song 9/10

11. Lady In Yellow: I enjoyed the chill vibes and beat again like TBH he should have cut off the first few songs of the album hopefully this is a turning point. 8/10

12. Moments In Time: This Song had an alright beat but was not for Lil Boat so imma have to say song is less than average 6/10

13. Otha Shit: Not a very long song cause it’s an interlude so I’m not gonna rate

14. X Men (Ft. Evander Griiim) I Think Evander did a better job on this song than Boat cause the beat fit him more 7/10

15. Bring It Back: This song actually was alright I really enjoyed the beat it reminds me of like an 80s pop beat like it was cool 8/10

16. Running With A Ghost (Ft. Grace): The Only thing I enjoyed about this song was the chorus like Yachty did ok but I mean nothing special 6/10

17. FYI (Know Now): Nope not even the beat can save this song the lyrics and meaning are annoying and this is just blankly not a good song 5/10

18. Priorities: I can’t stand Boats verses on this song like it just bothers me more than most but the chorus is ok 5/10

19. No More:  This is one of the worst songs yet. The Awful autotune with an awful beat with awful lyric equals a good 3/10

20. Made Of Glass: The Beat was good but Boat autotune didn’t work with the chorus for but the verses weren’t that bad 7/10

21. Momma (Ft. Sonyae Elise): The meaning of this song is good but I don’t like Lil Boat in this slow meaningful song but Sonyae kills it 5/10

Best Song: Better

Worst Song: DN Freestyle

Overall Rating 6.3/10

Ok so my final thoughts. This is the best project from Lil Yachty. It still wasn’t great there’s only a few songs I’ll listen to. Like why can’t he make more songs like Better that was actually really dope. But I mean this album isn’t a must listen I mean it’s pretty much your choice. I mean half the album could have been cut in my opinion. I hate hating on the dude I like Boat as a person but his music is below average. Hopefully he learns from this album and can come back even more successful.






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