Welp can’t say I’ve been one those niggas who’ve been dying for this project, I mean all this hype created over what? A few barely hot tracks? But honestly I had some type of hope for this project I mean he took 2 years to put this together and the lead single “wokeuplikethis” wasn’t the worse shit I’ve heard.. And to name a album after yourself is a rather personal thing to do, so naturally this shouldn’t be too bad, right?

Track #1 – Location: Harry Fraud on the beat so you know it’s fire.. The track starts off with some “fire” ass ad libs.. At first I thought it was Lil Uzi Vert but nope. But then fam starts “rapping” I use the term rapping in the loosest sense because he spends 50% of the track spitting the most FIRE adlibs of 2017 while spending 50% of the track spitting the most USELESS, FILLER ass bars I’ve heard. I mean the genericness is UNCANNY. There’s no type of cohesion even by “Mumble” rap standards, he talks about the tats on his arms and neck, his ice, his bitch, YOUR BITCH, everything you’d expect a normal low tier to consistently rap about but at least the lowest of rappers wouldn’t rap in such a random, generic, and SLOPPY manner. And for such a SHORT track it feels like it drags on forever!! I mean his rapping is so bland I mean I’d honestly just prefer to listen to the instrumental itself. If you’re gonna make “lit” music your rapping shouldn’t bore me.

Track #2 – Magnolia: Again the beat is, dare I say… This track is fire? Nah this ain’t no top tier rapping but compared to the rapping on the last track my nigga sounds like Nas on this shit. No you don’t need the highest quality of bars to make enjoyable rap music, unlike the last track this one is at least catchy.

Track #3 – Lookin Ft. Lil Uzi Vert: And just like that we’re back to the bullshit. “Look at these niggas”  what the fuck is this nigga actually talking about? What niggas are we looking at and for what? I would talk about what this nigga is rapping about but… Anyways again I wouldn’t expect him to even be rapping about anything worth noting but why the fuck is his rapping so boring??? Isn’t this shit suppose to be fun?? I feel like I’m listening to 2 niggas who found a fire beat and decided to start free styling. Fuck outta here with this nonsense.

Track #4 – Woke up like this Ft. Lil Uzi Vert: Ok first off, this beat SLAPS! And yeah I like this song, it’s catchy and fun, some shit I’d actually wouldn’t turn off if it came on in the whip, which is what I expect for rappers of playboi carti’s nature. That being said, I find it ironic that the poor mans Lil Uzi Vert is rapping about niggas tryna sound like him on a track with Lil Uzi Vert. Decent track tho.

Track #5 – Let it go: again a lot of dead air filled with the same ad libs, I mean the track is kind of catchy.. But the bland rapping and underwhelming vocal presence topped with overwhelming, almost annoying amount of ad libs and fucking BACKUP ad libs

Track #6 – Half & Half: aye this shit half lit and half nonsense.. I never wanna hear a nigga who says “glockyyyy” rap about popping shit. Gurateed this nigga never popped that glock, nigga just carries it in his designer purse for aesthetic or sumn.

Track #7 – New Choppa Ft. Asap Rocky: Again another fire ass beat, but also again.. I’m tired of hearing these weirdo niggas who probably spend more time in the mirror then the bitches they claim to fuck rap about Choppas and all kinds of shit they’ll never use. I can appreciate the lack of playboi carti on this track tho.

Track #8 – Other Shit: y’all niggas on some other shit tryna convince me this lit… What’s the point of this song? Idk. I never wanna hear it again tho.

Track #9 – No. 9: So this nigga heard this beautiful, HARD ass beat and decided to just name random. shit then say some other random ass shit? Bruh y’all not gonna convince me this fire… 2 years for this? He could’ve named this track anything cause its not like he’s rapping about anything specific.

Track #10 – Do that shit: “sucking on my dick like she new to this” I understand the nigga probably ain’t Write this shit but why he say this? Why is he rapping about getting amateur head? Again another pointless song, I’m running outta shit to say, it sounds like they just remixed the Magnolia bear

Track 11 – Lame Niggaz: I actually was enjoying this shit… Until he started rapping. I imagine the most lame white boys bopping to this ironically but who ever supplying this nigga with beats KNOCK IT OFF.

Track 12 – Yah Mean: Another dope beat, another pointless track, another track filled with dead space filled with ad libs. I’m about done here thank god there’s only 3 more tracks left.

Track 13 – Flex Ft. Who cares: Why does this nigga sound so retarded? Is this what’s gets the 14 year old tree houses lit now?? And this nigga got the nerve to incomperate a track switch like there’s any level of cohesion here… Bruh I’m so ready to finish this review so I can delete this entire project off my phone

Track 14 – Kelly K: so I had to for the most part of this track listen to this nigga talk about the only brand of hoes he fucks with… Thats all I got from this track, it’s sad when this is one of the least painful tracks on this project.

Track 15 – Had to: had 2 shed a tear when I realized this was the last track, idk what this nigga was talking about the whole track to be honest though, “bust up on these niggas”??? “Fuck me for my fame”??? And he repeats the shit like its fire… I dont know just glad the track was short and that we’re done.

My overall thoughts are that I’m disappointed, and I didnt have very high expectations to begin with, I didnt think I’d like it, I figured there’d definitely be some enjoyable tracks, but to only find TWO songs that I’d CONSIDER replaying was shocking even for me. I mean most the tracks were DREADFUL to complete, and when I listen to a artist like Carti I base my opinion on “is this fun? is it catchy? Is it LIT?”, But this album was NONE of that, of course I didnt expect him to be lyrical but some these bars were just straight up stupid by ANY standard. Let his fans tell you, this is lit, but dont let no niggas who’ve never left the house, never been to a party, aren’t old enough to go to no club, don’t have a car to really test what does and doesn’t slap, tell you what’s fucking lit.

0.5/5 (being generous)


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