Meet 19 Year Old Rapper Tyrant Xenos

We had a conversation with Up and Coming Rapper Tyrant Xenos who’s currently buzzing online, gaining over 100,000 views on YouTube and a solid following SoundCloud. We talk to him about the come up, future plans, and even performing at a $ki Mask concert

L’Rentz N. – “First Off where you from?”

Tyrant Xenos – “Generally the south Atl area, was born in Southern regional”

L’Rentz – “Who were your musical influences?”

Tyrant Xenos – “A lot, from different genres like cloud rap, & alternative rock/ Like Hollywood Undead, Linkin Park, Bones, & Xavier Wulf.”

Pauly – “So who would you consider the greatest rapper ever from you perspective?”

Tyrant Xenos – “All time?”

Pauly – “Yeah”

Tyrant Xenos – “I gotta say Lil Wayne to be honest”

Pauly – “Who would you consider your biggest competition in Rap right Now?”

Tyrant Xenos – “I only compete with myself, I don’t too much pay attention to other rappers”

L’Rentz – “You said you’re into Cloud Rap & Alternative Rock do you think that influences kinda helps set your music apart from other rappers?”

Tyrant Xenos – “yeah i feel like alot of artist are influenced by both genres but everybody has their unique sound when you really express yourself not just copy other artist”

L’Rentz – “At the same time being a fan of the culture do you think that makes it hard to not copy another artist here and there?”

Tyrant Xenos – “not really because everybody story is different and my intent with my music is to paint a vivid picture of my life and how i feel and how that could relate to others , i feel like my story is much different than most artist .”

Pauly – “Now your new song For No Reason Dropped what’s the motivation for that song”

Tyrant Xenos – “the motivation was really just comes from smoking and coolin & me so focused on tryna make it in this music shit , that when a random person comes up tryna talk i dont usually have the time and they get offended and dont really understand where im coming from lmao”

L’Rentz – “Also, you opened for Ski Mask? What was that experience like?”

Tyrant Xenos – “shit was a pretty lit experience miami was fun as hell and the crowd responded well”

Pauly – “If you could tell everyone one reason to fuck with your music what would it be and what makes you the best upcoming rapper in the game”

Tyrant Xenos – “the fact that its different sounding & a different aesthetic and lifestyle . its motivational music really . and id say my originality and work ethic”

Pauly – “Where do you see yourself in 3 years with your music career”

Tyrant Xenos – “i see myself  as a bigger  and more successful independent artist.”

Pauly – “So your Independence seems to be a huge importance let’s say someone like a big record company approached you what would you say”

Tyrant Xenos – “i honestly would have to say no and keep finding ways to maintain being independent”

Pauly – “if you could colab with any artist who would you want to work with and why”

Tyrant Xenos – “either bladee or bones cause they the goats”

L’Rentz – “What’s next for you? Working on new singles? Or is there a project in the works?”

Tyrant Xenos – “i have a project called “blood rain renegade ” in the works and hella music videos on the way , potential shows in atlanta , miami and  los angeles .”




Follow him:

IG: @Xenosxtyrant



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