the-underachievers-renaissance-591d85e40802d-530x530The Underachievers haven’t released an album for almost two years until now. Their new project Renaissance dropped May 19th and has been an absolute must hear. So let’s get to the review.

In My Zone 10/10

Eyes Wide Open 10/10

Saint Paul 10/10

Gotham Knights 10/10

Crescendo 10/10

Super Potent 10/10

How We Roll 9/10

Kiss The Sky 9/10

Phoenix Feathers 9/10

Any Day 10/10

Different Worlds 10/10

Break The System 9/10

Cobra Clutch 10/10

Final Destination 10/10

Head Right 10/10

Best Song Cobra Clutch

Worst Song Kiss The Sky

Album Total Rating 9.7/10


The new album was worth the wait. While this album may not be as much of a banger as their other work it certainly is great. The chill vibes and great lyricism makes for a great project. While there are some bangers the album seems to be more for relaxing and enjoying. It reminds me of TPAB an amazing album but some of the songs won’t have much replay value. It overall is an amazing project and definitely a must listen. AK seems to shine the most in this album giving the hardest spitting verse’s. Ultimately Lyrically this may be their best project.


6 thoughts on “The Underachievers “Renaissance” Review

  1. BeastCoast. Oh also I’ve never heard of this artist. Would you say it’s like TPAB where it’ll stay a classic, or like TPAB in which it’s different than the mainstream yet an amazing album? Yuh

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