Welp.. Took us a while but we finally got Hopsin THE FUCK up outta here. Sadly there’s always gonna be that ONE cornball rapper who always gotta bitch and moan about credit he’s not receiving, and it seems Russ has taken that spot! The young craft man got on his IG Live and got his Hopsin on calling out rappers like Kanye & J. Cole for sampling and not crafting the music themselves.

Well maybe he has a point… Maybe no rapper is doing it like him… Niggas ain’t creating new chords outta nowhere, hitting notes never heard before, spitting bars on top of all that.. Maybe we should give him his credit… Of course this brand of arrogance doesn’t sit well with the public so it didn’t take long for SOMEONE had to come through with an exposure. S/o to the user “wolverine” on the notorious forum website kanyetothe for coming through with the EXPOSURE



so apparently this mans been throwing drums over FREE loops he downloaded online. It was one thing to brag about mediocre beats that you expect us to appreciate because you made it from scratch! But this nigga ONLINE searching for other niggas content to use and tryna act like he’s done it all by himself? Might as well download free beats off YouTube, add some extra drums or sounds and put your name first on the producer list… But he got the nerve to say Gambino, Kanye, & Cole aren’t doing it like him? I mean shit… Can’t Tell Me Nothing is one of the most beautifully produced beats, a stroke of brilliance.. But he didn’t produce it solely by himself… & he sampled on it… Truth be told I hate these brand of Artists… They’re too cocky to ask for help, they wanna be able to say they did it on their own, but sadly their content suffers. Why put together a struggle guitar rift when someone else can do it better? The arrogance of some these rappers will be their downfall.


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