Logic Vs. Drake

Logic is a mysterious cause to me… I mean when the “REAL Hip hop” ass niggas get to making their lists, Logic always finds his way there lists. Not saying he’s not deserving but nowadays it seems EVERYONE hates biters (Drake) but then again Logic is the biggest biter there ever was, 3 albums in and he’s still doing his poverty Kendrick Lamar impersonation, I mean how many projects do we have to wait for until he comes into his own? We hate Drake for stealing some generic flow from XXXtentacion Cord that every rapper BEEN using but this nigga uses EVERYONE’s flow and he’s still rather unscathed.. I mean he proudly admitted to pretty much taking and remixing a Travis Scott song and putting it on his album. Let’s be real rappers take from each other and pass that shit around like a blunt so it amazes me to hear niggas argue about who stole what, but I just wanna know why the ONLY blatant BITER in the game gets a pass..

Logic & Kendrick (Logic’s Inconsistent Content)

Dating back to the first album Logic released “Under pressure”  A.K.A GKMC lite, the first thing that turned people off was the BLATANT similarities in not only flow but composition. Not only was he rhyming like Kendrick but some the production paralleled the production on GKMC. When asked about this Logic simply chalked it up to working with the same people who worked on GKMC (I wonder why that is…)

but whatever it was his first shit, hopefully he’d come into his own eventually, right? Well he we are in 2017, on his 3rd project with the same complaint, but I’ll take it to another level, not only does he bite Kendrick’s flow, but his content! I mean when I heard the song “Everybody” instantly it gave me a “Alright” vibe with how he was rapping and WHAT he was rapping. I mean and a lot of people off top were 1) disgusted by the level of biting/ dickriding and 2) was wondering why this BARELY mixed breed was speaking on racial motivated police brutality like HE experienced it personally… And then you gotta argue with his WHITE fanbase on why this is corny… Honestly I wouldn’t of minded much had he not said when Underpressure dropped that he was UNINTERESTED in speaking on racial issues (he didn’t feel like he could rap and be a social activist) meanwhile here we are in 2017 where he’s just released the Mixed breeds TPAB.

I guess seeing Kendrick go down this route made him more comfortable, i mean pre TPAB he was hesitant to really go in depth on these matters and now he’s dedicating a whole album to it… And his fans don’t see the insincerity, they buy into the forced content Logic hits us over the head with. I’ve never been a Logic fan, never been impressed by niggas that simply rap fast and lack creativity.. Sure Drake may bite flows and use other’s for inspiration but there is a level of creativity to his music, YES Travis Scott takes a lot from his contemporaries like Cudi, Kanye, Young Thug, & Migos, but there’s also creativity within his music, and I feel both these artists also give back to their influences as well, but Logic… He just takes and adds NOTHING! If Kendrick had never made TPAB and being FAKE “woke” never became trendy I truly believe we would’ve never gotten this New Logic Album.


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