After remaining relatively quiet throughout the second half of 2016(besides a few singles , features and EP with Gucci Mane), everyone expected Future to drop Beast Mode 2 at the end of the year. However, it has not seen the light of day but the fans could tell Future was up to something due to cryptic tweets and the Instagram post deletion. This came to be his self-titled album which was released on February 17, 2017. On this album, Future showed that he doesn’t need any features to create something great and enjoyable. Here’s a track by track review of the album:

1. Rent Money 

A strong intro to an album. This song shows Future at his grimiest, ready for war with anyone. Banging beat, nice flow and delivery from the Astronaut himself.


2. Good Dope

This song is a banger! Future brings back some of his old flow for this track and delivers with Southside on the production.


3. Zoom 

Listening to this track gives the feeling of the song title. This song is great, the skit is hilarious, and gives Future a strong start on this album.


4. Draco

Good song, nothing special. Just something to vibe to.


5. Super Trapper

This song is good as well. It slows the hype down but still comes through as a banger.


6. POA

My favorite song of the album! Everything about this song is hard! Future delivering bars, flow is outrageous, and the beat is crazy. All three verses are dope and this might be the most underrated/overlooked track on the project.


7. Mask Off

Future + Metro = Hit.


8. High Demand

Cool song. The hook is the highlight of the track.


9. Outta Time

Good song. Every time I hear this song it reminds me of Evol.


10. Scrape 

Love/Hate relationship with this song. It’s definitely a banger but probably the only song I’ll end up skipping if I had to choose.


11. I’m So Groovy

Ok I don’t know what was going through Future head when he made this song but this shit on another level. Them mhm ad-libs done changed the game and made the song.


12. Might As Well

Such a slept on song. When Future is over those smooth type beats are when he’s at his best.


13. Poppin Tags

Banger banger banger!!!!


14. Massage In My Room

This a banger too!


15. Flip

Production is great. Flow is great. Verses are straight. Pretty good song.


16. When I Was Broke

Like I said before, these songs are when Future are at his best. The sound, the flow, the lyrics, it’s all there.


17. Feds Did A Sweep

Songs that Future make like this are always overlooked. You can tell this is heartfelt. Almost shed a tear to this track. Top 10 Future song.


Overall, this is Future’s best album since DS2( better than DS2 too) and second best album of his career(HNDRXX being #1). Future holds strong on his own and leaves the world with an album filled with good music and good vibes. This album is something you can party to, drive to, vibe to, trap to, whatever!

Overall, this album is a 7.9/10.

future sensational


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